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The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled

Listen to locals. 

That's my main piece of advice for anyone planning a road trip, or any holiday for that matter. 

Locals really do know best. 

So when the guy serving you at a petrol station tells you about a "secret" road that you just have to follow?  You listen to him. 

No matter how confusing the instructions!

We were told that a couple of miles on from the petrol station we would pass a Protestant church on our right, followed by a Catholic church on our left. Straight after there would be a Y junction and that we should take the Y (i.e head off the main road). We'd then pass some farm buildings and at the crossroads, we needed to turn left and then we'd be on the road. 

Confusing right?!

Despite a wrong turn, dead end, and millionth U turn of the trip, we persevered. 

Not least because we were told that if road wasn't the most beautiful one we'd driven in Ireland then we could come back and get a free tank of petrol. 

Needless to say, we didn't go back. 

Why would you when the road looks like this?

We followed the hedge lined lane as it wound its way up onto the top of the cliffs giving us the most amazing view back over the inlets and bays of the Inishowen Peninsula. 

And for 20 minutes we didn't see another car. 

Must be why it's known as the "secret" road!  

The lane meant we bypassed all the tourist traffic leading to Malin head the start/finish point of the Wild Atlantic Way.  

It was a pretty spectacular place to end our Irish adventure. 

Looking out over the Atlantic from Ireland's most northerly point having started at its most southerly one 12 days earlier.  

Although we still had a long drive home ahead of us, there was a definite sense that the road trip had come to an end. 

So it was with slight sadness that we got back into the Punto and looked out for signs to Belfast rather than the blue Wild Atlantic Way ones we had been following.

With Scotland and Ireland now conquered the only question is where the next Tennant twin road trip will take us!




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