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The City of Keys

The City of Keys

The only problem with living in a city as incredible as Amsterdam is that you can get lazy.

You spend your time exploring what's immediately around you rather than venturing further afield.

Apart from a quick visit to Bergen aan Zee in September and a school trip to the Hague 8 years ago, Amsterdam is really the only part of the Netherlands that I've spent time in.

So like London not being a real representation of the UK, Amsterdam is only one side of the Netherlands.  

With my time in this beautiful country slipping away like sand in an hourglass I figured it was about time I got out of the capital and did some proper exploring.

So naturally, I went to the place that is described as a mini Amsterdam - Leiden.


When first choosing where to go for a year abroad I had seriously considered applying for Leiden. There was a direct link between Edinburgh and Leiden's history departments, and the idea of studying at the Netherland's oldest University seemed pretty cool. But then I got my head turned by the "bright lights" of Amsterdam and the rest, as they say, is history!

One word to describe Leiden? Quaint


Cute comes a close second. After being in the city for just an hour Lottie and I had already banned each other from using it to describe our surroundings. 

For a sunny Sunday, it was remarkably quiet. But it was a welcome change being able to wander around without the crowds of tourists we're so used to in Amsterdam. 

No Sunday would be complete without a delicious brunch and Roos proved to be the perfect place for it. 


Who could resist homebaked bread topped with avocado and bacon?

Leiden definitely isn't the biggest of places

But that's exactly what makes it so charming. 

Little side streets wind their way out from the central canal, each lined with classic Dutch townhouses. 

Getting to Leiden was super easy. Trains run almost every 10 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal and the journey is only half an hour.

It's the perfect place to visit for the day if you want to escape the chaos of the weekend in Amsterdam! 








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