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Heatwave in the City

Heatwave in the City

Does anybody else feel like last week’s heatwave was just a mirage?

I don’t know what it’s like where you are but here in the Netherlands the usual Dutch weather is well and truly back.

The temperature has returned to single figures and I’m once again wearing my poncho on the cycle in to uni. 

So to make myself feel better about the fact it’s a grey Thursday morning I’m going to reminisce about last weekend, and the Saturday I spent lying in a hammock, looking out over a canal in 26 degree heat. 

Amsterdam has a number of urban beaches dotted around the city. 

Some of them actually are full on beaches, and others are more like a sandy park alongside a canal.  

Roest is the latter.  


Situated on an old industrial site, Roest is a bar/restaurant/nightclub whose “garden” has sand not grass.

It’s a hidden gem and exactly where you’d want to be on a sunny day.

Unintentionally Lottie and I managed to turn up as the doors were opening (at midday), which meant we were able to grab ourselves two hammocks. 

And for the next 4 hours we did absolutely nothing but sunbathe and chat, all the while gently swaying side-to-side in the breeeze. 


Hammocks are the best. And I’m now desperate to have one. Not entirely sure where I’d put it, but that’s beside the point! 

My best anecdote of the day? Chatting with a 3-year-old girl, who I assumed was English, about Disney Princesses, only to have her turn around to her brother and start babbling away in Dutch. I have never felt more ashamed that I still can’t string two words together! 

Embarrassment at my lack of Dutch aside, it was a fab day spent in the sunshine.

And Roest is another place to add to your Amsterdam “to do list” - especially if you find yourself here during another heatwave.




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