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New Lunch Hotspot

New Lunch Hotspot

 Guess who's back? Back again!

Sorry, couldn't resist!

But it's true I'm back in the Dam after what has to have been the longest Christmas holiday ever. After finishing my last exam on the 20th December my lectures only restarted yesterday on the 6th February - how ridiculous is that?!

The scary thing is that I only have 5 months left of my year abroad.  After thinking that a year would feel like ages, time is suddenly rushing away from me. 

But rather than dwell on the inevitable I've decided to throw myself into Amsterdam life. 

So I'm forcing myself to go to a new restaurant / cafe / bar each time I go out, rather than return to the same places. There's no way I'll get to all of the eateries Amsterdam has to offer but I'm going to try my best! 

It might only be Wednesday but already this week I've been to a new restaurant and a new bar, and I'm heading out to a third new place tonight. 

Both the bar and the restaurant are in the East of the City (or the Oost), and despite living in this area I have been terrible at exploring it. But as I've said, that's all going to change.

Both places were fab but the restaurant stands out as somewhere to check out if you feel like wandering away from the tourist trap that is the city centre.

So let me introduce you to my latest lunch hotspot - Instock Amsterdam

IMG_7958 2.jpg

The premise of the restaurant is to turn food surplus into delicious meals.

Instock works primarily with Albert Heijn (the Dutch equivalent to Sainsbury's) picking up unsold products like blemished fruit and veg, old bread and surplus meat and fish. Then the chefs transform all this unwanted food into incredible dishes. 

The food is seriously good, especially considering its made from stuff that's about to be chucked. 

I had their chipotle nachos which were as mouthwateringly tasty as they sound.

So tasty that I had demolished the entire plate before realising that I probably should've taken a photo of them (I'm clearly a bit rusty when it comes to blogging after my month and a half off!)

But what this post lacks in food pics it makes up for with photos of the restaurant.

Instock has that uber chilled and minimalist vibe to its decoration which seems to define almost all of Amsterdam's restaurants and cafes, yet with each one still managing to feel completely different and unique. 

IMG_7950 2.jpg

But that's enough of the airy-fairy, wishy-washy descriptions!

Basically get yourself to Instock Amsterdam. its open for breakfast, lunch and dinner so there really is no excuse. 

And not only will you have a yummy meal but you'll also be playing a part in the fight against global food waste. 


Czaar Peterstraat 21
Amsterdam East




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