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Feeling Festive

Feeling Festive

Whichever way you look at it Christmas is fast approaching.

I've opened 12 windows on my advent calendar...and eaten 12 pieces of chocolate. Everywhere you go lights are shining and Christmas songs are being played on repeat. 

And aside from being woefully unorganised with present shopping, I'm feeling very excited for Christmas. 

So rather than revise for my imminent end-of-semester exams I decided to have a festive weekend. And mother nature clearly supported my decision, because Amsterdam was transformed into a winter wonderland.

Every year Sissy-Boy, which is basically like a Dutch version of Anthropologie, have a Christmas market where all the brands that are sold in the stores set up stalls for the day. There's also live music, food and drink. 


Oh and obviously Father Christmas took time out of his busy schedule for a couple of photos!

Though I failed miserably (once again) at buying any presents, the market definitely helped to get me into the festive spirit.  

And the next morning when I woke up to a blanket of snow I was like a child on Christmas Eve. 

I LOVE snow. While other people complain about the inevitable slush and the general disruption it causes, I'm the person pissing everyone off by throwing snowballs and basically acting like a 7-year-old. 


The snow once again proved the incredible skill Dutch people have on 2 wheels. You'd think that snow and sheet ice would be a sign to leave the bike at home for the day - but no Amsterdammers continue to cycle, albeit some with more success than others!

The other thing I've loved about being in Amsterdam in the build-up to Christmas is watching people take their Christmas trees home.


As you can probably guess this is done by balancing the tree on the saddle and handlebars of a bike. And on Sunday, seeing people pushing their bikes through the snow, with a tree balanced on top it felt like I'd stepped into a Christmas card scene.

The Netherlands may be completely flat but that just means the Dutch have to be more creative when it comes to finding places to sledge. And it turns out that the canal bridges double up as the perfect toboggan hills.  

I'm sure many of you will think that I'm making all this up.

That the Christmas tree bikes and bridge sledging are too cliched to be real but I promise that if you find yourself in a snowy Amsterdam in early December you'll be able to see it for yourself. 

Merry Christmas!













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