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The Killers

The Killers

Real men wear pink - or so the saying goes.

But to walk out in front of 65,000 people wearing a pink jacket in a cloud of pink confetti? 

Well then, I guess you have to be "the man".

Which Brandon Flowers most certainly is. 

Something helped by being the frontman of The Killers. 


The Killers are one of those bands that I've wanted to see for ages.  

Their album Sam's Town was the soundtrack for the drive to school. And the fact it was released 10 years ago freaks me out a little! And of course, Mr Brightside has been the anthem for many memorable nights out.  

Which is why seeing them in Hyde Park at the start of this month was so special. 

British Summer Time Hyde Park has become the byword for one off gigs from some of the music industry's biggest names. 

Think The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi (we saw them 4 years ago), oh and Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift.  

The setting is awesome. 

Each area of the mini festival ground had a different theme from the saloon style bars of the Midwest to a windmill and pub of an English village. 


Although the South American inspired corner with palm trees and carnival acts had to be my favourite. 


It looked more like some tropical island than a park in central London. 


Tears For Fears and Elbow were the supporting acts. And I surprised myself with how many songs I actually knew. Though both sets were great, it was clear that most people were waiting for the main act.

So when The Killers did finally emerge on stage and Brandon Flowers strutted over to the mic the crowd went mental. 


They opened with their newest single - "The Man". And even though I'd never heard it before, by the end I was singing every word. 

Their setlist read like a of greatest hits album, with a lot of songs from Sam's Town.


Talking to the crowd was kept to a minimum because of the sheer number of songs they wanted to play.

But just before the end, with excitement growing due to the abscence of a certain song from the set so far, Flowers asked for the BST Hyde Park posters to be projected on the screen. The Killers standing out as the only sold out day of the festival, despite the other headliners including Phil Collins, Justin Beiber, Kings of Leon and Greenday. 

He explained that the band didn't know how to properly thank everyone for their support but hoped that the next song would help.

Queue the opening bars of Mr Brightside and absolute chaos in the crowd. 

I don't think I have ever sung, or rather shouted so loud. 

And the next morning I could hardly speak. 

It was the most amazing night spent with great people and incredible music. 


I just wish I could do it all again.






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