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Colourful Kinsale

Colourful Kinsale

One of the things which stood out most from travelling around Ireland is how colourful all the villages and towns are. 

Rainbow houses make the streets look like a multicoloured patchwork. 

And brought a smile to my face whenever we drove past. 

Kinsale is the starting point of the Wild Atlantic Way

And is one of the most colour filled places on the route. 

Just look how bright this shop is

It wouldn't look out of place in an Austin Powers film!

Aside from the colour, Kinsale is also the gourmet capital of Ireland.

So naturally, we had to stop by for a bite to eat before we headed on to our first campsite. 

Lemon Leaf Cafe looked and sounded like the perfect place

It was beautifully decorated inside and just reading the menu was enough to make my mouth water.

We're both have a notorious sweet tooth and after seeing their array of cakes any idea of getting something savoury quickly vanished

I chose a slice of lemon cheesecake which was delicious, and even came with extra cream (something I definitely wasn't going to complain about!)

And Tabitha couldn't help but double up on the chocolate. Getting a hot chocolate to wash down a gooey chocolate brownie.

Well and truly on a sugar high, we drove the last couple of miles to Garretstown in search of our first campsite. 

Even this 15 minute drive took us through some beautiul countryside. 

24 hours in and it was already becoming clear why the Wild Atlantic Way is so popular.



Wet Wet Wet

Wet Wet Wet