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History. There's something so magical about it - I appreciate as History student I may be biased but bear with me. 

It feeds into that belief that the past was somehow simpler and less complex. We visit castles and ponder the lives of its inhabitants, centuries dead, who wouldn't recognise the walls within which they once lived even if they hit them full on in the face. That multicoloured map of Wales covering the courtyard of Pembroke Castle? Yeah pretty sure that's not an original decorative piece (although it is the largest map of Wales in the world!)

Yet still, we are drawn to the mysticism, intrigued by the lives of those who have gone before us. 

For Tabitha, this means the Tudors, or more specifically Jasper Tudor (don't worry I had to google him too), and by extension the place he called home - Pembroke Castle.

Luckily for her, a ferry goes from Pembroke Docks to Rosslare, an inconsequential town in Southern Ireland, ideally situated a 40-minute drive from the start of the Wild Atlantic Way, Kinsale. 

Which is why on the last bank holiday in May, with the car all packed for our Irish adventure we headed off to Wales. 

The drive was about as interesting as the M25 and M4 can be. Crossing the Severn Bridge was as exciting as it got.  

But we made it to our hotel, went out to a pub for supper and then spent the evening attempting to understand Welsh TV. 

The ferry was in the afternoon so Tabitha had a full morning to wander around the castle and teach me all that she knew about the Jasper and the wider Tudor dynasty - which is a lot. I might be the history student, but if 15th Century English history comes up on a pub quiz Tabitha is the twin that you'd want on your team. 

Pembroke Castel was pretty amazing

Even if we did manage to freak ourselves out by going down into the palaeolithic cave, called the Wogan, which lies beneath it. 

After a morning of exploring it was time to head to Pembroke Dock to catch our 5-hour ferry across the Irish sea, knowing that when we arrived in the Emerald Isle our adventure would really begin. 


Colourful Kinsale

Colourful Kinsale

The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way