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ECFS 2017

ECFS 2017

The Edinburgh Charity Fashion show is the UK's most successful student-run fashion show.

And for good reason.

Since 2001 it has provided students and young creatives with an amazing event offering a cohesion of fashion, art, and music. All raising money for remarkable and deserving charities. 

This year the charity chosen was Place2Be. A leading Children's mental health charity offering therapeutic and emotional support to over 105,000 children across 257 schools throughout the country. 

Last night, after months of preparation, ECFS 2017 finally hit the runway.

And at one of the most beautiful locations in the city - The National Museum of Scotland

With an aesthetic reminiscent of the Grand Palais in Paris, the museum provided the perfect backdrop for this year's theme: The Future of Fashion. 

The runway show was soundtracked by NTS and Radar Radio resident Tiffany Calver, whose effortlessly cool mixes gave the event a party-like atmosphere. 

The designers exhibited ranged from established brands such as TOPSHOP (the show's platinum sponsor) and Pringle, to recent graduates like Georgia Firth, Antonia Nae and George Hollins.

The clothes were incredible. And the models were killing it on the runway.

What each of the collections made clear was that the future of fashion is definitely something to get excited about. 

For me personally, the highlight of the night was seeing one of my pieces published in the show's magazine. (click on the box below to read it)

Since November I have had the pleasure of being the managing editor of the ECFS 2017 Blog. (hopefully being of some help to the very talented Isabel who was juggling being both Fashion Director and Blog Editor-in-Chief)

If you haven't had a look at the blog I strongly recommend you go check it out. We had some amazing contributors write pieces for us. Covering topics like the influence of Instagram, the legacy of Alexandra Shulman, 3D printing and so much more! Go have a look here 

Being part of ECFS 2017 has been incredible, and to see it all come together was so exciting.

The talent and vision of everyone involved is awe inspiring and I'm certain it won't be last we see or hear of them in the fashion industry. 

Now the hard work starts again for ECFS 2018 - I'll definitely be taking a weekend off from my year abroad for that!







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