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Chamonix, tucked away in the shadow of Mont Blanc, is a mecca for skiers and climbers alike. 

It's world famous - yet the Chamonix valley includes far more that just this one town.

If you follow the road that leads to the Swiss border, you'll leave Chamonix below you and climb up to Argentiere and the Grands Montets - another popular area mainly due to the fact it has snow even when the rest of the valley doesn't. 

But if you continue to follow the road you'll find yourself winding up hairpin bends taking you through a nature reserve, before dropping down into a "secret" valley. Hidden from view from Chamonix behind a turn in the mountain range. 

It's here that you'll find the village of Vallorcine. 

A place I am lucky enough to call my home away from home. 

It's not big. 

There is a station, a school, a church, a couple of food shops and a ski lift. And that's pretty much it.

It's not a place for aprés ski. Unless you're brave and willing to venture into the very much 'locals only' bar-tabac.

But what it lacks in the social side, it makes up for in charm. 

Away from the lift and modern apartment block (where we have a flat), you'll find a wonderful collection of ramshackle chalets with coloured shutters and woodpiles by the door.  

The Balme ski area, which you can access from Vallorcine, has yet to open this season. So I've been using my days here to explore. 

Even after 7 years, I've only ever wandered around the village during the summer. 

Seeing it with a blanket of snow makes it really peaceful and has reminded me why I love it here so much.

It's a truly magical place. 

So if you ever find yourself in Chamonix, remember to head further up the valley and visit Vallorcine.

You won't be disappointed. 


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International Women's Day

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