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Can you believe that we’re only hours away from 2018? 

2017 has been an eventful year. There have of course been some lows but overall the last 365 days have been pretty great.

So I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the highlights of the last year.  

First off 2017 was a year of celebration in our family. There was a wedding, a 50th and a 21st. In other words three opportunities to party the night away, and three new outfits!!  

Family means everything to me so memories of these happy occasions are some of my most treasured from the last year.  

As well as celebration, 2017 was also a year of change. Since August I have been living and studying in a new city in a new country. Amsterdam has stolen my heart.


The last 6 months in this city of bikes and canals have been an incredible whirlwind, and I can’t wait to see what the next 6 will bring.

Finally, 2017 saw another Twin road trip this time following the Wild Atlantic Way round Ireland. After Tabitha crashed Punty the First it was touch and go whether the trip would happen but Punty the Second saved the day and allowed us to have an epic adventure. We both fell in love with the Emerald Isle and are already planning a return trip. 

Unfortunately, despite coming to our rescue, Punty the Second will only see 2 days of 2018 - it’s off to the scrapyard on the 2nd! 

So there you have it, my highlights of 2017. It’s been a year of celebration, change and travel that has gone far too quickly. 

Lets see what 2018 has in store!! 

Happy New Year!


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