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Sea, Sand & Tea

Sea, Sand & Tea

After 4 months, I'm finally back in Edinburgh.

I've made a vow this year to make more of an effort to go places and see things. And just generally make the most of living in a different city/country.

So last weekend my flatmates and I hopped on a train and headed to the coast for some birthday celebrations.

North Berwick is less than an hour from Edinburgh by train and is absolutely stunning. 

It has the rugged coastline you'd expect by the North Sea but it also has a long sandy beach overlooked by the town.

It's the perfect spot for a picnic and for those brave enough to take a dip (shout out to Med and Elly who decided to go skinny dipping - I have no idea how you managed it!)

Surprisingly the sun was shining but as I've come to learn in Scotland, that doesn't mean it's warm. So after congratulating Med and Elly's courage we wandered back into the town to find a spot to warm up.

Steampunk Coffee fitted the bill. (The moment I realised its logo was a VW campervan I was sold)

Inside it had an industrial vibe, with exposed pipes and a mix of wooden and metal furniture.

But the others were determined that we make the most of the "warm" weather, so we sat outside in the cafe's courtyard.

Everyone else clearly had the same idea and the outside area was filled with both people and their four legged friends.

One day I'm sure I'll come to like coffee but it hasn't happened yet! So instead I got a pot of Gunpowder Green Tea and a hazelnut and cocoa energy ball.   

Any cafe that serves their tea/coffee in a miss match of different crockery is an immediate hit with me! 

Tea finished, we made our way to the station and caught a train back to Edinburgh. 

Trust me I know how easy it is to spend the weekend just doing nothing - especially after a week of school/uni/work. But when you make the effort to go somewhere or do something new it's so much more enjoyable.

Where should I go next weekend?


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