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Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle

Have you ever wanted to go back in time? To experience a past era?

I definitely have.

And it's one reason why I, and Tabitha, love visiting National Trust properties. 

Neither of us are that interested in the history of the particular place.

Instead, we imagine what it'd be like to live in the castles and mansions. 

So as a final "twinny" outing before Tabitha started at Exeter and I headed back to Edinburgh, we spent an afternoon at Scotney Castle. 

I don't know about you, but I'd happily live here

I mean who doesn't want to have a moat?

This is exactly the house Tabitha needs to fulfil her dreams of having an Irish Wolfhound.

It even has the perfect balcony to re-enact that Romeo and Juliet scene from. 

The castle is surrounded by landscaped gardens, lakes and rolling fields. 

The perfect place to go exploring in the sun. 

We found a great picnic spot.

With a pretty amazing view of the castle.

And spent an hour or so sunbathing, and chatting about summer and uni. 

Altogether a fun and very chilled way to mark the end of summer.

Leave a comment if you know any other National Trust properties worth a visit X

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