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A Right Royal Do

A Right Royal Do

Last weekend saw the country celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday. 

And my family, never one to miss out on a party opportunity, also joined in with the festivities.

So on Saturday, in classic British fashion, we had a garden party.

The day before we spent the afternoon adorning my aunt's house with bunting and flags. 

We have a lot of Union Jacks. 

It's actually bordering on the ridiculous.

Every time we thought we had hung up all that we had my uncle would pull out another selection of flags.

When we arrived on Saturday it seemed that even more bunting had been put up.

For those who know my family, we're never ones to something half-hearted, so naturally there was a dress code.

Red, white and blue. Crowns were also required.

Amazingly the predicted rain managed to hold off long enough for us to have lunch outside. 

Coronation chicken, followed by meringues and strawberries. How British!

Phoebe had even baked a birthday cake for the Queen. 

After a brief retreat inside, a collective decision was made that the rain wouldn't stop us from taking part in the planned activities. 

So we headed up to the field for a game of rounders and an egg throwing competition in the rain.

Rounders was boys vs girls, with the boys narrowly winning by 1 1/2 rounders. The fence proved to be an interesting obstacle for fielders (and another place to hang yet more flags)

The egg throwing was won by Freddie and Tabitha.

Sadly Rachel and I were the first out when a poor throw by me ended in her being covered in raw egg! 

In spite of the rain, it was a pretty perfect day spent with friends and family and celebrating the birthday of a truly remarkably woman.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty



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