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The Great British Cupcakery

The Great British Cupcakery

In my opinion, chocolate milkshakes have to be one of the best food creations ever invented. 

Ice-cream, milk, and chocolate all blended into one incredible drink. What's not to love?

And when someone goes and tops it with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and a doughnut?

Well, it just gets even better!

If you've been on Instagram or Pinterest over the past few months, your feed has probably been filled with "freakshakes"

The best place to go to get one of these mouthwatering creations is The Great British Cupcakery in Newcastle. 

(It's also the perfect antidote to any GBBO withdrawals you may be having)

They have the most incredible selection of cakes and sweet treats.

Mary Berry would definitely approve!

After a disappointing defeat against the Newcastle History Netball Team, freakshakes were exactly what we needed to drown our sorrows.

Sadly the milkshakes didn't bring any boys to the yard, but they were delicious! 

So the next time you find yourself in Newcastle, head to Queen Street and indulge in a freakshake (they even have a spooky special - perfect for the Halloween weekend) 



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