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Goodwood Revival 2016

Goodwood Revival 2016

When I was younger, there was an old chest in the playroom crammed full of dressing up clothes.

It was a treasure trove of old jewellery, scarves and hats mixed with gaudy princess and pirate costumes. 

Tabitha and I would spend hours acting out one of our imagined stories wearing an array of clothes dug out from the dressing up box.

As you get older, the chances you have to dress up become fewer (or rather more alcoholic!)  But you never lose the simple excitement that comes from pretending to be someone else for the day.

That's why I think the Goodwood Revival is so popular.

It's the perfect opportunity to go way overboard on the dressing up.

In fact, you'd look out of place if you didn't make an effort with your outfit.

And it's also the perfect opportunity to lust over beautiful cars. 


 It's this mix of cars and fashion which is why I love going to Goodwood. 

As a family, we get really dressed up! 


This year I decided to indulge my love of Twiggy and the 1960s 


Whilst Tabitha went for a more industrial look, complete with a vintage Canadian airforce jacket and, of course, a pair of Doc Martens.   


And my Mum looked as elegant as ever in her 50s inspired look.  


When you arrive at the event it really does feel like you've stepped back in time. 

This year the revival was honoring the late Sir Jack Brabham, 50 years after he became the only driver in F1 history to claim the World Championship in a car bearing his own name. So, there was a definite 60s theme to the event. 

A whole London street had been created depicting a showdown between mods on one side and rockers on the other. (In case you're wondering I'd join with the rockers) 

And there were crowds of volunteers pretending to be England supporters from the 1966 World Cup final. 

There are lots of different areas around the site which hark back to various eras of the Goodwood Circuit's history. 

Aside from people watching, the Goodwood Revival gives you the chance to see classic cars racing once again. 

Many famous faces get behind the wheel during the 3 day event. And we got to watch as David Coulthard, Rowan Atkinson and Sir Chris Hoy battled it out in Austin A30/A35s in qualifying for the St Mary's Trophy.

It was a great day with a combination of 2 of my favourite things - fashion and cars. And I'm already planning my outfit for next year!


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