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Wildmanwood Pizza

Wildmanwood Pizza

The thing I love most about going to uni in a different city is discovering new places to eat. 

Edinburgh is filled with small independent cafes and restaurants, perfect for grabbing a quick coffee or lunch with friends in-between lectures.  

The newest lunch spot I've found is Wildmanwood pizza.  

It's just across the road from George Square (the main lecture area at Edinburgh) and considering it is the creation of the same man behind Ting Thai, The Outsider and Checkpoint, you know it's going to be good. 


It pretty much is what it says on the tin.  Simple yet delicious woodfired pizzas.

What made it stand out and one of the reasons I'm even writing this in the first place is the free champagne we got. 

Yep, you read that right! On a Tuesday lunchtime, I enjoyed not one but two free glasses of champagne with a couple of friends. 

Whilst Emily and I were waiting for Emma, the owner of the restaurant came over and started talking to us. (On a side note his fashion sense was incredible - vintage flying goggles hanging around his neck and an old leather satchel over his shoulder)

After chatting for a few minutes, he asked us whether we liked bubbles and giggles. A little confused we listened as he explained that bubbles and giggles had got him through uni so we needed some too. As he walked away I finally realised that what he meant, and sure enough, our waiter brought over 3 glasses of champagne!

And much to out surprise, later on, once we'd finished our first glass, the waiter returned with another one for each of us. 

In case you're wondering champagne and pizza are a great combination! 

All in all a pretty amazing lunch - the only let down being that I had to go back to lectures afterwards. 




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