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Plane Drama

Plane Drama

Last night I had been expecting to be singing along at the top of my voice, and probably out of tune, to some of Coldplay's greatest hits.  My friend Robbie had very kindly invited me to see them play in Glasgow during their UK tour. 

But as often happens to me whenever I try and visit Scotland, by whichever means of transport, there were delays. 

The plan had been that as he was going to be driving across to Glasgow from Galashiels, I would fly into Edinburgh and he would pick me up on his way over. 

Considering the drive from Edinburgh to Glasgow is about 1hr 15 mins and the doors opened at 5pm getting a flight that landed just before 3pm seemed logical. 

What we hadn't planned for were thunderstorms. 

It may have started as beautiful sunny day in the South East, but by the time it came for me to fly the weather decided not to play ball. 

Air traffic control pioritised inbound flights landing over outbound ones taking off. 

The flight was meant to leave at 1:40pm. 

By the time it got to 3pm (the time I was meant to be in a car heading to Glasgow) we still hadn't even been pushed back. 

I phoned Robbie and we agreed on a cut off point. If I hadn't taken off by 4:30pm then he and Heather would go on to the concert and take someone else in my place. 

An hour and half seemed like ages of time. But I was wrong. Although we got pushed back around 45 minutes later, we didn't take off for almost another hour after that. 

Past the 4:30 cut off point. 

When I finally landed in Edinburgh  3 hours later than planned I realised that I now had no where to stay. (I was meant to be staying the night at Robbie's house) 

So I went on to Last Minute.com and searched for available hotels. 

Having a job whilst at uni means I managed to save quite a bit of my student loan. Now I've broken up for the summer, I think I can spend some of it!

Which is exactly what I did last night when I booked myself into the Balmoral hotel. 

Extravagant I know. 

But after sitting on a plane for 5 hours when it should have only been 1, missing seeing one of my favourite bands because of the unpredictable British weather, and basically having a pointless trip to Edinbugh, I felt I deserved a treat. 

In the end I was upgraded into a room with the most incredible view of Edinburgh Castle and a bathroom that I'd quite like to be my bedroom. 

I went to the spa and had one of the most chilled evenings ever just soaking in the massive bath with a green tea and some chocolate.

It may not have been Coldplay in an arena but it definitely lifted my mood.

I've still got a couple of hours before my flight leaves. Think I might continue the sophistication and visit a gallery?!  

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