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Arthur's Seat

Arthur's Seat

People are always searching for that elusive hangover cure. Whether its a lemon and ginger juice shot from some indie cafe or a traditional English fry up; everyone has their own ideas when it comes to recovering from a big night out.

The best cure in Edinburgh? Climbing up Arthur's Seat.

The steep path and strong wind is enough to cure even the worst hangovers.

Which is why way back when on the day after the Freshers' Ball a group of us walked up the extinct volcano. P1020372 P1020375 P1020376Miraculously for Scotland the sun actually made an appearance.

Jackets were tied round waists, and we powered up the hill in T-shirts and sunnies. P1020377 P1020379 P1020381 P1020382After a Summer in which a couple of lengths in a pool had been the sum total of my physical exercise, my fitness, or rather lack of, was put to the test.

The only consolation was the view from the top. P1020383 P1020387 P1020391 P1020389P1020394 P1020397 P1020398 P1020403 P1020405 P1020407 The next challenge - getting down.

Rather than follow the path like any normal, sane person would have done, we decided to take a short cut.

Our 'short cut' ended up being a rocky dried river bed, that's probably a mini waterfall when it rains.

Pretty obvious that none of us study geography.


P1020408 P1020409

After sliding down on our bums for 15 minutes, we managed to make it back to the marked path unharmed.

Hangover cured we headed back to halls for a well deserved cup of tea.

Next time I think I'll just stick to the designated route.


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