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Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

Do you ever have those moments when you just need to get away and spend time with friends?

When things have got too much and the only remedy is chatting, reminiscing and laughing with a special group of people?

Last weekend was exactly that moment for me. The combination of stress over results and family loss made the prospect of a day on the Isle of Wight with some friends very appealing.

Sunshine, a bacon butty and a nice cup of tea are also sure-fire ways to improve anyones' mood.

Bacon butties eaten, we headed down to the beach.

The only problem with beaches in the UK is that there is no correlation between sun and a warm sea.

Even in the height of Summer it's like plunging into an ice bath.

Nevertheless the freezing temperatures of the Channel weren't going to stop us from having a dip.

I've worked out that it's best to start with a paddle.

And then, once your feet have overcome the Arctic like temperatures, take the plunge.

You could almost convince yourself it was the Mediterranean,

I realised two things during the trip:

First - the Isle of Wight is stunningly beautiful

And Second - never underestimate the importance of friends.

Schiehallion Shenanigans

Schiehallion Shenanigans