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For as long as I can remember I've wanted to go to Wimbledon. It all started with a childhood dream of being a ball girl - something which sadly never became reality.

Wimbledon for me marks the start of Summer. An excuse to have the family round for a barbecue, drink Pimm's and eat strawberries and cream.

Annoyingly I've never managed to get tickets. 

This year instead of messing around with the Ballot, Tabitha and I decided to take matters into our own hands. 

Which is why at 8am on Tuesday 7th July we found ourselves 626th and 627th in the infamous Wimbledon Queue. 

Only 500 Centre Court tickets are sold on the day of play so we resided ourselves to the fact we would be on Court 1.  Though we wouldn't get to watch Murray, the prospect of seeing Roger Federer on Court 1 wasn't too disappointing.

But we still had 26hrs of queuing before we would even get inside Wimbledon let alone watch a match.

Quick tip, if you are planning to camp for tickets remember to bring something to help pass the time. A pack of cards is a must. I'm not sure how we would've survived without them.

Considering how much time you have you could even bring Monopoly - it may be the only opportunity you'll ever get to finish a game!

After 12 hours we were going slightly stir-crazy (you can only leave the queue for 30 mins at a time)

Thankfully local takeaways deliver to the queue, so we boosted our energy levels with a pizza. 

We were woken up by the stewards at 5am on Wednesday and packed up our tent. By 7am we had started queuing.  1000s of people had arrived during the night and in the early hours of the morning and everyone was buzzing with excited anticipation.

As we started queueing, the stewards gave out wristbands to indicate which ticket you had. To our surprise there were still Centre Court tickets available.

And there was no way we were going to miss the chance to watch Murray.

After yet more queueing and airport style security checks we finally made it into the grounds. 

We headed to the outside courts and stumbled across Andy Murray warming up.

There were murmurs and whispers that Federer was also warming up on one of the courts, so we went off to find him.

He is as effortlessly cool in the flesh as he is on the TV.

After Federer, Djokovic turned up. 

Within an hour of entering the grounds we had seen the top 3 men's tennis players in the world - how good is that?!

Boris Becker also made an appearance.

 We grabbed some lunch from one of cafes dotted around the grounds.

 Before heading into Centre Court to find our seats.

 Which were AMAZING.

Wills and Kate were watching, along with David Beckham, Bear Grylls and Tom Hiddleston (more on him later)

Strawberries and cream were a must. 

The weather was predictably unpredictable.

So the decision was made to close the roof during the 2nd set.

 In the end, after two suspensions of play, Murray was victorious.

Next up Djokovic v Cilic.

Another incredible match. It's easy to see why Novak is ranked number 1 in the world. 

Just look at that serve. 

Djokovic won in straight sets, putting him comfortably through to the semi-finals.

It was an amazing day of tennis. Definitely worth queueing 26hrs for.

The icing on the cake? Having a quick chat with Tom Hiddleston outside Centre Court.

If you only know him as Loki from the Marvel films then I recommend you watch the BBC's Hollow Crown series - it will make you appreciate the genius of Shakespeare.

We'll be camping again next year. Hopefully see you there too. X

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