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'Fire Up The Quattro'

'Fire Up The Quattro'

When asked what I was doing over the Easter I hadn't quite envisaged that I'd spend the final weekend sitting on Exmoor in minus temperatures for 5 hours.

No, I didn't get lost on some horrific DofE expedition. 

Instead my Dad thought the best way to celebrate the end of the holidays would be to go and support him in the Somerset Stages Rally.  

I think I should explain a few things:

My Dad and his brother Simon have been competing in Rally championships since before I was born. They've taken their love for cars and made it into their hobby. 

Simon is the driver and my dad is the co-driver or navigator (definitely not something to do if you get car sick!) 

Originally they raced in a Ford Escort but in the mid 2000s they bought an Audi Quattro - hence the title of the post. 

And you've got to agree it's a pretty cool car. I think Gene Hunt would approve. 

Annoyingly I didn't take any photos during the rally - my hands were too cold to press the shutter button!

But for any who are interested here's an in car video of one of the rally stages. Enjoy X


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