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Hope you all had a cracking Easter. 
Mine was egg-cellent. 
My Mum has always said that Easter is better than Christmas. Not only is it a 4 day weekend but you get to spend time with the family without the stress of Christmas lunch or Christmas presents. 
And I think, after this year, I may have to agree. 
The sun shone. I feasted on chocolate after going 40 days without a bite. And the family's competitive side came out. 
After an amazing Easter tea, and with everyone buzzing from too much chocolate, we headed out to the garden for some Easter themed games. 
First up - Egg and Spoon Race. 

On hind sight, a skirt probably wasn't the best thing to wear!

 Next - Egg Throwing

The object of this game is about as simple as it gets. Throw an egg to your partner without it cracking. Every time you make a successful throw take a step back.

It's a surprisingly tense game.

Because no one wants to end up covered in raw egg. 

After months of rain and cloud, the sun came out of hibernation and made for a beautiful afternoon. 

As the sun went down our attention turned to a game of footie.

Girls vs Boys.

Frustratingly the Boys won 5-3.

It's days like this which remind me how special family is. 

You may not choose them, but as actor Michael J Fox one said:

"Family is not an important thing. It is everything"
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'Fire Up The Quattro'

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