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Swing Low. Sweet Chariot.

14th of February.

Valentine's Day.

A chance for romance, chocolates and flowers.

Or in my case watching 30 men get down and dirty.

Tabitha and I had been given tickets to watch England v Italy at Twickenham by our amazing Godparents.

Unfortunately they weren't able to come to the match so we had to make do with our parents!

After a very cramped train journey we emerged from the station and joined the thousands of others making their way to the stadium.

The streets were lined with food vendors, many of which were set up in the front gardens of houses.

A pulled pork baguette was a necessity!

With some time to kill before kick off we wandered around this iconic sporting venue.

And then it was time to head inside.

Selfie time!

Now for the main event. The match!

After a early try by Italy, thanks to some appalling English defence, the home team brought it back and stormed to victory 47-17.

It may not have been the most romantic Valentine's day but it was definitely an exciting one.  X

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