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Double Denim

Never trust someone who wears denim on denim.

Or so the saying goes.

Trust me or not - but you can't deny that there's something effortless chic about double denim.

Time for the close up.

Ever the patriot.

Since I've had short hair I've become a hat addict. This one is from Topshop and gave me the perfect excuse to use my hat pin from 'Pheasant & Correct' - thanks Karen for such a great Christmas present!

Exeat is a byword for meeting up with family and friends which is why  I found myself in a restaurant chatting to my Grandma about Eddie Redmayne's performance in 'The Theory of Everything' - OUTSTANDING (... if you were wondering)

With the New Year. New Me mantra still ringing in our ears we headed to Basil, a small restaurant tucked behind the Pret a Manger in Tunbridge Wells. It specialises in mouth watering salads which are served piled high on the plate. Why bother with delicate presentation when your food looks so vibrant and delectable?

And who couldn't resist a chocolate digestive cake? I think this New Me thing will have to start in February!

The best outcome of the day is that my Grandma has finally entered the 21st Century.

Over 30 years after the first mobile phone became commercially available my Grandma has become the proud owner of one.

Admittedly it's a flip phone that would look more at home in the early noughties than 2015, but that's beside the point.

And what better way to bond with your granddaughter than having her explain to you how to text.

I would end with an aside to my Grandma but unfortunately the World Wide Web is another mountain that has yet to be climbed. X

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