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Happy Birthday To ME

18 years ago today -  frustratingly 11 minutes after my identical twin - I made my entrance into the world.  Never ones to miss out my twin and I were 10 weeks premature, what a lovely New Year surprise we must have been. 
The main birthday celebration was a skiing trip with 4 friends over the new year (I will get round to doing a post about that!). But we decided to have a family lunch to celebrate the actual day. In total there were 14 of us squashed around a table in the garage tucking into lasagne and birthday cake. A wonderful way to commemorate becoming an adult.

I, well we, had not one but two birthday cakes which had been lovingly made by my aunt Rowena and cousin Phoebe. By having 2 cakes the inevitable fight over who blows out the candles was avoided!

The best part of having your birthday so close to Christmas is that you can still put the presents under the tree! 
Thanks family for making it a very memorable birthday and the crazy sunglasses will definitely be making an appearance at the next family gathering! X

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