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Ice Skating at Somerset House

There's no better way to get in the Christmas mood than going ice skating. And there's no better place to do it than at Somerset House. So yesterday the Twin and I caught a train and headed to London. 
I had a 'you know you're British...' moment when I looked at the forecast which said it would be 10*C and thought that's warm and decided to ditch the scarf and gloves. 

Until now I've never really understood the whole green juice thing. I mean what would posses you to have pureed broccoli and kale in the morning? Anyway I though I'd give it a go and bought the 'Green Machine' by Naked Smoothies. It was surprisingly good even if it did look revolting.

We got off at Charing Cross and  walked along the Strand to Somerset House, which looked amazing and very festive.  A giant Christmas Tree decorated in Fortnum and Mason hampers greeted you as you came in.

And along with everyone else, took a photo of our reflection in one of the baubles.

With skates strapped to our feet we stepped out nervously onto the ice...

And were met with complete carnage!

I quickly realised that the only person you can trust is yourself. I'm not bad at ice skating - years of rollerblading round the local park means that I've got the technique nailed. However, not everyone was too confident about their ability and so you were constantly on the look out for the maniacs going very fast with no clue how to slow down, steer or stop.

I was taken out by a little boy and ended up face planting on the ice with Tabitha and another women managing to fall on top of me.

Though it was stressful - Tabitha said that her heart beat doubled the moment she stepped on to the ice - it was a lot of fun and a great experience.

The two of us met up with our Mum at the ice skating and then we all headed to Fortnum and Mason's to grab some food before walking to Liberty on Regent Street.

Even though my mum has denied it on numerous occasions I am still convinced that I'm named after the shop because she used to work here back in the late 80s. Anyway it was amusing to see people's reactions when either she or Tabitha shouted 'Liberty' to get my attention - I think most thought we were mad.

I've  realised there are only 7 days till Christmas and I've bought no presents. I think it's now time to panic! X

Golem - Young Vic

Rockin around the Christmas tree