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Rockin around the Christmas tree

Everyone has Christmas traditions - those things which happen every year without fail and that without which Christmas would not be Christmas. The main tradition in my family is choosing the Christmas tree. On the second weekend of December, my Dad, Tabitha and I drive to a local Christmas tree plantation (yes such things do exist) and have the difficult decision of picking the illusive 'perfect tree'. This year was no exception. With the list of criteria from my mum on what constitutes a 'perfect tree' getting longer each year the job of finding one gets more stressful.  I've decided that choosing the Christmas tree is a little like the story of Goldilocks - it has to be just right! ie:

  • Not too bushy
  • Not too sparse
  • Not too small
  • Not too tall

In the end after almost an hour we found the tree. We strapped it to the car and then had the nervous 10 minute drive home constantly checking that it was still on the roof. Once home and with the tree in place we were able to start decorating.

Even Pirelli wanted to take part!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. X

Ice Skating at Somerset House

Too early for a Christmas jumper?