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Moroccan Paradise


To paint you a picture, I'm writing this as the sun sets behind the Atlas mountains which surround the small paradise that is the Kasbah Tamadot Retreat (another one of Sir Richard Branson's incredible hotels)

We arrived on Wednesday night in time for champagne and tajines. In the darkness, the beauty of our surroundings were hidden. However the next morning it became clear why Morocco is such a popular holiday destination - the landscape is breathtaking...

And the food is incredible...

Last night a big screen was put up and we all sat in the 'amphitheatre' with cushions and rugs and watched Tintin. Sitting out under the stars, with little bowls of popcorn and glasses of sweet mint tea it really did feel as though we were in paradise.

No Moroccan experience would be complete without donkeys and camels, so the hotel has a mini farmyard!

So far Morocco has been incredible - 2 more days left in the mountains then back to Marrakech and another hotel. A hot stone massage and a donkey trek are still to come so i'll keep you posted.

Love from Morocco X

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