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Finally I can write. Those of you at my school will understand the frustration caused by the infamous school wifi. As well as youtube, the school seems to have a personal vendetta against Blogger so it's blocked 99% of the time. Anyway they're being kind today so I can post. 

Recently I've started writing for my school magazine so I thought I would post the articles on my blog - hope you like them. 


Welcome to week 2 of Fashion Month. We've hopped over the pond and landed on England's green and pleasant lands. However, the focus for the week was firmly on Britain. It appears that even the fashion world. rarely a cosy bedfellow with politics, is getting involved with the Scottish Independence Debate. The colours sent down the runway for Topshop Unique mirrored those found in the Union Jack whilst Burberry emblazoned trench coats, dresses, clutches and even the runway with the slogan "Insects of Britain". I'm sure Alex Salmond will be thrilled to know not all designers are against Scottish Independence. Vivienne Westwood, not one to shy away from controversy, sent all her models down the catwalk with a "YES" badge pinned to their chest. In an interview afterwards she explained:

"I'm so excited. Fingers crossed they will win, because if they do, it could be the turning point towards a better world."

Pringle of Scotland, on the other hand, kept a low profile; the blue and white hues of their minimalistic collection the only reference to their Scottish heritage. 

Pringle of Scotland

Burberry Porsum

Topshop Unique

Vivienne Westwood

Away from the politics, London Fashion Week is once again living up to expectations. Many designers pulled out all the stops when it came to the set design for their shows. Erdem seemed to have taken inspiration from Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness' - the set was a huge, imposing forest with twisting vines; a theme which continued into their collection. For Mary Katrantzou's show the usual straight catwalk was turned into a wide V made from a gravel material. The shape enabled the attendees to view the collection from all angles. Back with Burberry, the bright colours and slogans splashed across the floor gave the show a cheerful and optimistic vibe - a promise of what's to come after the cold and wet British winter. Once again Burberry chose to have a live acoustic set as the backing track for the show. This time it was the turn of British musicians James Bay. He performed 3 tracks live on the runway including "Scars" and "When We Were on Fire" -

definitely go check him out.

This Thursday as Scotland vote to determine the future of the Union, the fashion world will leave London and say "Ciao" to Milan. The glamour of Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino and Prada await. Addio. X

It's a mad world