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Yesterday it was Mim's 18th birthday  - we had lessons so the only celebration was a quick rendition of "happy birthday"....well that's what she thought!!

Unbeknown to her, this morning 10 of us piled into 2 cars, headed to her house and hid in the garage. Miraculously we kept the whole thing secret and there was a genuine look of shock on her face when she found us.

After some champagne and lunch, at which numerous embarrassing stories about Mim resurfaced, we went for a swim. The weather stayed nice and the relaxed swim turned into a violent game of water rugby/netball with G proving that she's more than capable at keeping up with the boys! Kit and Joe showed off their synchronised diving skills whilst Anti and I lounged in a hammock.

We sat outside in the fading light with cups of tea and ice cream before moving inside for a very heated game of Articulate - with the birthday girl's team storming to victory. There was just enough time for a group photo before we all piled into the cars again and headed back to school.

Happy be-lated Birthday Mim, I hope you enjoyed the surprise! X


Goodwood Revival