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Belgian Grand Prix 2014

For most people, even those who know me well, it's a shock to discover that I'm an F1 fanatic. This is probably because it's the opposite to what people expect of me. After all I'm the person who asks for a Vogue subscription for Christmas and wants to work in the fashion industry. I wouldn't describe myself as a petrol head but simply as my father's daughter -  he is a petrol head, point at any car on the road and he can tell you the make, model and age. On our 17th birthday he gave us a model combustion engine which we had to assemble and understand before he would take us out driving.

My real love for F1 started in 2012. I was having a lazy Sunday so decided to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix. It was the last race of the season and turned out to be the most exciting in the history of the sport with Niki Lauda stating that he had never seen a race like it. By the end I was hooked and have watched every race since. So when several months ago my Dad announced that he had bought tickets for the Belgian Grand Prix I was over the moon. Finally after months of waiting early Friday morning we packed up the car and headed for Spa Race track.

We were there for the 3 days, which means that we saw the practices on Friday, qualifiaings on Saturday and the race on Sunday. Instead of staying at a hotel, we camped for 2 nights which turned out to be a bad decision as we had to endure some of the worst weather I have ever seen in August.

On the Friday we met up with my cousin Olla who works for Mercedes F1 team looking after their sponsors. He managed to get us passes which gave us access to the paddock and he also took us into Mercedes' garage where we watched the engineers and mechanics hard at work and got to hold Nico and Lewis' steering wheels which cost $40,000 each!

Whilst we were wandering around the paddock I saw Felippe Massa, Niki Lauda, Frank Williams and Eddie Jordan. That means that last week I managed to see/meet a band, an actor, a rugby player, two F1 drivers and two F1 team owners, not bad going!

The weather was terrible for qualifying on Saturday but on race day the rain stayed away. The race was as exciting as ever - there was contact between Rosberg and Hamilton resulting in Lewis retiring from the race and Kevin Magnussen got a 20 second penalty for forcing Alonso off track. Daniel Riccardo (Red Bull) took 1st with Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) in 2nd and Valtteri Bottas (Williams) in 3rd.

It was 3 days of excitement, racing and torrential rain. The best part is I only have to wait 2 weeks till the next race - see you at Monza, Italy. X

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