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London Calling

On Tuesday afternoon after saying farewell to Connie, Tabitha and I caught a train to London to meet my mum and her friend to go to the theatre. A few weeks ago I had seen an advert for the theatre production of Shakespeare in Love and seeing as I enjoyed the film so much decided to buy some tickets. 

The play started at 7:30 so we grabbed some drinks before heading inside. What followed was almost 3hrs of exceptional theatre. The play stays true to the film and has you laughing and crying in equal measures. If you haven't yet seen it I would encourage you to buy tickets. Tom Bateman is incredible as Will Shakespeare and the bromance between him and David Oakes (Kit Marlowe) provides much comedy. 

After the play we had a late supper at J.Sheekeys an oyster bar right next to the theatre. The food was delicious but what made it extra special was that Bill Nighy was sitting on the table next to us and Lawrence Dallaglio was also in the restaurant. 

On Wednesday far too early in the morning 5am (we only went to bed at 12:30) Tabitha and I woke up and got the first central line tube from Liverpool Street. As we walked to the station I was struck by how beautiful London is at that time. 

Anyway you're probably wondering why we got up so early. Well we were headed for the HMV at 363 Oxford Street because my favourite band, Twin Atlantic were performing that evening and only 200 people could get tickets. After sitting outside the shop for nearly 2hrs we finally got the tickets. 

To pass the time we wandered around London and met up with our parents for lunch at a vietnamese restaurant in Spitafields Market. At 6pm we found ourselves in the live performance area of HMV with 3/4 of Twin Atlantic only a few metres in front of us (Craig the drummer wasn't needed as it was an acoustic set) They were unbelievable and the whole event felt very intimate. After they performed they did a signing. It was great to have a quick chat with them. The best part was that they all loved my hat - think that's the best £5 I've ever spent. 

As I sat on the train home I had a constant smile - in 48hrs I had seen an amazing play eaten in the same restaurant as a top rugby player and an iconic actor and met my favourite band. How incredible is that?! X

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