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I do like to be beside the seaside...

At the weekend my mum, sister, dog and I headed to Winchelsea to have fish and chips on the beach. Even though it was windy and I looked as though I was dressed for the Arctic there was something nostalgic about unwrapping my food, watching the waves breaking on the shore and hearing the shouts of those who bravely went swimming in the grey water.

After spending some time on the beach, we headed back into Rye and wandered around the idyllic streets. We also visited an old fashioned sweet shop which I've been going to since I was around 10. This place sells every type of sweet you can imagine,  I got sour raspberry sherbet and Tabitha got fizzy strawberry pencils. If you're ever in Rye I wold recommend heading straight to the sweet shop.

Despite having a fluorescent blue tongue (thanks to the sherbet), it was a great day and the best thing was that unlike most trips to the beach in England it didn't rain! X

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