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Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market

On the day that a hurricane named Bertha decided to sweep through the country Tabitha and I met a friend in London with the intention of wandering around one of the capital's incredible markets. Thankfully Spitalfields Market is covered so we were protected from Bertha's wrath.

Spitalfields Market is perfect for finding Vintage clothing or quirky objects, like these earrings and lamps made from old circuit boards.

After much deliberation about where to eat (there are some fantastic restaurants surrounding the market and Mim never likes making a decision) we chose The Real Greek. This place does great food, their cous cous salad and haloumi wraps are mouthwateringly good.

The other cool thing about Spitalfields Market are the numerous sculptures which you pass as you hed into it. Even though the weather had initially been terrible there was still a lot going on. We even walked past a group having samba lessons!

After saying goodbye to Mim, Tabitha and I had some time to kill before our train so we sat in Trafalgar Square and people watched for a bit. We passed a bagpipe playing busker, he was ok but it was his sign which compelled me to give him some money. I can now happily say that I have contributed £2 to a stranger's engagement ring!



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