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Supper on the beach

I love spending the balmy summer evenings with friends and family. BBQs are great but nothing beats a bonfire on the beach - and when there is no beach an estuary will be an adequate substitute!!

We stayed with some friends in Essex over the weekend and as the weather was good we hopped on some bikes, packed up provisions and headed to the "beach" for supper.

It may not have crystal blue waters but when the tide is out an estuary is the perfect place to find crabs and oysters or to mess around with some seaweed.

With the fire built we got down to cooking our supper - hot dogs followed by toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate of course!!!

We watched the sun set and then cycled back to the house.

The discovery of some bubble mixture provided the entertainment for the evening. Got a bit carried away with taking photos of the bubbles - but you've got to admit they look awesome!

Remember to make the most of the warm evenings because knowing the English weather they probably won't be around for long. X

Ciao da Italia