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As part of the last week of term, my school took 24 pupils to Oxford for 3 days. The trip known as the 'reading party' aims to prepare you for the application process at the University. The group stays at Trinity College, there is a mock interview and the rest of the time is your own to visit museums, read or as I did shop!

My respect for those who are at Oxford/Cambridge or have offers to go there has increased hugely following the trip. The 20 minute mock interview was one of the most stressful experiences of my life. Whenever interviews or similar things are held I can normally rely on the fact that mine will take place near the end - that's the benefit of having a surname beginning with T. However, on this occasion I was the very first, no hints from others on what to expect, just my panicking mind and thumping heart. The interview itself, though stressful went okay. There was even a comical moment as one of my teachers ran around the room attempting to catch large bee in a cup whilst the other continued asking questions with a deadpan expression!

Over the three days many of the group decided to raid the local shops. The sales were on and there was an almost manic desperation to find a dress for Speech Day. Zara and Topshop are incredible during sale time. I purchased a jean dress (Topshop) and a mint green jacket (Zara) both with 50% off.  There was also a lot of time to explore the local cafes. I would recommend 'Vault and Gardens' it is located in the church off Radcliffe Square. Not only is it idyllic but it is also far better value than Costa or Starbucks.

So, though I hardly read anything over the 3 days I did fall in love with the City and the University. It was great to escape 'the bubble' of my school and the glorious weather made the trip that much more memorable. X