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Easter Sunday has to be one of my favourite days of the year. It is an occasion to get the family around, enjoy the temperamental English weather and eat copious amounts of chocolate.

Breakfast on Easter Sunday is major part of the day for my family. Every year we have a veritable feast and yesterday morning was no exception. Obviously the classic English breakfast made an appearance: eggs, sausages, bacon, and mushrooms but we also hopped across the pond for some American pancakes with Nutella to kick start the chocolate consumption for the day!

By the afternoon the 'April Showers' which had made the morning miserable had thankfully moved on enabling us to enjoy a couple of glasses of champagne in the garden. Afterwards everyone moved in doors for a high tea with an Easter twist. Sandwiches and scones were devoured alongside Simnel cake, cupcakes and chocolate nests - I was in food heaven!

No Easter is complete without an Easter egg hunt. Something which is quickly becoming a family tradition is a hunt with clues. Everyone is given an individual clue before being let loose on the house. 

Mine was: 'It's somewhere safe in Summer.' After a few minutes scouring the fridge and then the freezer, I realised that it was probably somewhere near the fire - this was confirmed by the sight of a gold bunny amongst the logs. 

Once again Easter proved to be a memorable celebration and I now have a huge amount of chocolate which should last months but probably will only survive a few days. I hope you all had an enjoyable and chocolate filled day too. X

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