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Cars and Cake

First day of the Easter holidays and I was looking forward to a long lie in followed by a leisurely breakfast. Instead the alarms were set for 6:30am and cereal was gulped down as we ran out of the door. Our destination was Goodwood's 72nd members' meeting.

It was amazing to see all the old cars ranging from racing Minis, to an old Bugatti, and VW camper vans.

As ever the effort which went into the meet was immense - but it's this which makes Goodwood events so unique and special. My favourite area was "The Daffodil" a big-top  marquee where you could eat fish and chips whilst sitting on hay bale sofas or, in the case of this little guy, on a tractor!

After watching a couple of races I headed home with Mum whilst my Sister and Dad stayed on for the evening festivities. In desperate need of something sweet I made a banana cake for tea. It's my Grandma's recipe and in my opinion it could even rival a chocolate cake (considering I'm a chocoholic that's quite something!) 

A great way to end a perfect spring day

Thank you Goodwood and thanks Grandma!

Vogue Festival 2014

Here we go!